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art nouveau-ish by DejiNyucu art nouveau-ish by DejiNyucu
It looks horrid on screen >_<
The BG doens't look that bad on paper 9_9

Anyway... it's a belated birthday gift for my cousin... because I never draw things for my family members at all, no matter how much I love them .-. So this time I decided to draw something for her, because she has always been very nice with me since I was very little.
She's an art teacher (if I'm not mistaken) at a school, and I remember that when she lived with us she had a taschen book with art nouveau pictures... so I thought of drawing something like that. Not an anime-ish pic because she doesn't like it that much and not realism-ish because I suck at it ^^;...

I need to pratice more with watercolors 9_9
And btw, at the top of the image it says "Feliz cumpleaños"... "Happy Birthday" in spanish.

Tools: Fabriano watercolor paper, pentel watercolors, brushes no.0 and no.2
Time spent: about... 4 hours?
Original size: 17,8x16 cms (yup, I draw too small)

Crit discouraged >3

Art © Dejichan
please don't use without permission. If you want to share, please credit back to my gallery.
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Submitted on
April 30, 2006
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